About Fox Creek

I founded Fox Creek after spending over 15 years in the nonprofit sector. I saw an increasing need for agencies to develop and fine-tune their operating, fund development, and financial strategies to sustain and increase capacity.  It has been my goal to develop Fox Creek Fundraising into a knowledgeable and well-connected company that takes the time necessary to build relationships with clients to fully understand their needs. Through a team of dedicated professionals, Fox Creek works to increase nonprofit funding and capacity, support best practices, and execute strong financial principles and processes that inspire trust and confidence.

We consider it a privilege to collaborate with a variety of leaders.

The vision of Fox Creek is to create a unique space for nonprofits to build expertise and capacity. Fox Creek provides guidance to forward-focused leaders who already know where they’re going as well as the leaders who are looking for support as they find their own path within a community. The company was founded on the principle of building long-lasting and fruitful relationships with our clients through cultivated intuition and a genuine interest in others. We practice this principle through a positive and thoughtful lens, without judgment, and seek to find the gifts and opportunities in all things and people. Those employed and contracted with Fox Creek are asked to align their work values and activities with this vision as we strive to provide high-quality service with purpose, value, integrity, and compassion.


INTEGRITY – to be honest, accountable, whole and undivided

KINDNESS – to be compassionate, committed and supportive

GROWTH – to move forward, search for new ways, learn and push boundaries

QUALITY – to give our best effort, produce impactful work, and be proud of our services

RESPECT – to be open, inclusive, empathetic and reliable

ENTHUSIASM- to embrace optimism, positivity and happiness


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