Fox Creek Grant and Fund Development

Fund Development Services


Providing recommendations on evolving organizational infrastructure, grant readiness, fund development, and special events. Our team advises on grant management, helps prepare nonprofits for annual audits, and ensures that agencies are on track for effective grant evaluation.


Capital campaign consulting, including developing a funding pathway, identifying new and expanded sources, donor strategy, creating case statements and imagery, fundraising timeline, and accountability and expertise.


Our government funding experts access local, state, and national grant databases to identify prospects to expand and diversify client funding opportunities. We assist clients in developing a fund development plan in the form of a pipeline that serves as the grants management roadmap for the year. Owner Lisa Fox has long-standing relationships with local funders, which provides continuity, clarity, and strategic direction for clients. Our database has and continues to build on a repository of successful and non-responsive funders, offering the best direction for prospective funding.


Our Grant Managers develop proposals, complete applications, and submit LOIs for various grant opportunities agreed upon with clients. We have a full-time government grant writing and compliance specialist. Our team shares best practices discovered through research and incorporates best practice research in proposals.

Through our partnership with the Nonprofit Association of the Midlands (NAM) and other subscriptions, gaining access to exclusive workshops, the Grant Managers have an inside look at what funders are looking for to strengthen client grant proposals.


Fox Creek Grants Managers track various types of data and information required for submitting strong proposals and keep clients informed of upcoming deadlines (grants, reports, funding correspondence regarding project updates, etc.).

Grants – Data and information tracked and organized for clients include grant deadlines, grant status (on-deck, awarded, pending, denied).

Reports – Grants Managers track client reporting deadlines and requirements and submit reports.

Data Management – grant writers will work with the entire client executive team to obtain and track organizational information and program data to 1) support client organizations’ internal operations and 2) submit strong proposals.


Providing individual coaching to development professionals, employed by nonprofits, who are looking to expand their skills and knowledge. This includes regular coaching sessions, resource development, funder research and fund development planning.