Fox Creek Organizational Capacity Building

Organizational Capacity Building


Our team of staff and external partners provide leadership support in defining mission, values, outlining the operations and budget for the first 3 years, and helping to train new board members. Services also include development of policies, training on best practices, and connections to professionals who can support your work as you grow over time.


Through a strong partnership with Focal Consulting, we work with clients to examine all areas of your organization and perform gap analyses to assess where you might best benefit from clarifying, training, defining, tightening systems or setting direction/planning.


Executive coaching is a professional development tool that consists of one-on-one or group sessions where a coach utilizes thought-provoking discussion to guide and support clients through professional challenges and opportunities. Through a wide array of carefully selected partners, Fox Creek facilitates a diverse opportunity to partner with a coach that best fits your goals, personality and organizational culture.


To identify a blueprint to help your organization accomplish its goals, Fox Creek engages a select group of professionals who are skilled in a variety of strategic planning applications including Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), Compression Planning, Technology of Participation, and customized planning.